Prevent Hacking of your Sites and Web Hosting Server

Web hosting accounts always have their own protection system. The problem is, there are outside factors that can cause your server to get hacked (not literally) or the sites hosted on it. It is of important consideration therefore to have your sites protected, your computer with a reliable anti virus and your pc users controlled as to which can and cannot be downloaded on your hard drive.

Malicious files and downloads are most often the cause of downtime of computers and can really spread out faster than you think when you use an infected pc for accessing your accounts. This include website passwords and username protected sites hosted under your server. If a malicious intent gets in to your sites hosted under a server, this could spread up to all sites hosted therein, therefore thinking that your server got hacked when instead, it is your sites that has gotten out of hand.

To protect your self from this, don’t access sites of suspected sources of malicious codes and hacking or phishing. These can be po*n sites, gambling sites and the like. Also avoid downloading anything into your HD. Use flash drives instead and be sure to scan files and folders before opening them.

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