Economic Recession and Cheaper Webhosting

Cheaper webhosting is available these days, at least here this is the case even if we are in the verge of suffering from the global economic crisis. There are webhosting services that range from a $3.50 USD today for a webhosting. Knowing that this is a one month charge for the website owner, this is already very cheap comparing it in the previous years where the cheapest I have seen is about $9.00.

Well. at least that was so very long ago but today, all that has changed with the availability of web hosting resources everywhere and with a lot of competing services, there is no reason why you just cant get a cheap webhosting service. If you have an idea of what the competition did for us, you might even say, thank you competition for making webhosting service even cheaper this year, 2009.

One Response to “Economic Recession and Cheaper Webhosting”

  1. webhost Says:

    i think web hosting is now cheaper than ever before……..and any body can afford to get these fees paid………recession……is not affecting the charges but fierce competition….and those blackhats.

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