Just remembering the contest sponsorship

Just posting the old SEO contest sponsorship that I have been to a few years ago. This is because I can’t help today but notice that contests have become rare. One of the reasons could be is the fact that they don’t give anymore good relevance to a link building strategy that will probably work for a website to which the participants are usually asked of and required to link to. Read the rest of this entry »

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Web Hosting Blog Halts to Support a Friend

This is a web hosting blog and I mostly discuss here tips for web hosting but today, please allow me to be a little bit different from the other previous posts I made. Today, I would like to personally declare support for an entry in the eriuqs spires healthy recreation contest. Although this may be just in time, I personally believe that this will still make it.

Just want to wish goodluck in the said challenge to my friend as well as to other participants but sad to say, there can only be 3 winners in this challenge and only one will make it to the top of the results. Let us just see what happens tomorrow at noon. – eriuqs spires healthy recreation